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EME Expedition from FM26cd North Carolina.

A dedicated group of amateur radio operators plan to conduct several grid expeditions, concentrating on 144 MHz and 10 GHz EME using the call sign N4EME.

The group will also be active on 2, 6,  222 MHz and 70cm with emphasis on digital modes.

The first expedition was from grid square FM25ev and proved to be quite successful and a lot of fun for the group's first attempt.

The second expedition was from grid square FM26cd also in North Carolina in April 2016.

The third expedition will also be from FM26cd from May 21st - May 28th, 2017.

Click HERE for pictures from the FM26 trip.

The crew:

WA3LBI Jim, K3NXH Chuck, N2EME Paul, KB1ESS Mark, and W3CP Bryan.  Seb, W4AS - website.

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Image by Flickr/Robert S. Donovan

The group has internet access at the site.  Here is how to find us:

2 meter EME: we are using Ping Jockey, as well as the N5TM Chat Page.

10 GHz EME: we are using the HB9Q 2300 and up site, as well as the N5TM Chat Page.

Meteor scatter: we are using the Ping Jockey page.

There will not be announced frequencies, so please check those sites to find us, as well as checking back on this site.

QSL information: for ALL stations, please send an SASE to K3NXH.  We will also upload all contacts to Logbook of the World as soon as possible.

Skeds: if you would like to setup a schedule with us, please contact us at

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