2 Meter Equipment: for EME we have an Anan 10E, 28/144 DEMI Transverter, an ARR LNA, and a 1.5 kilowatt Larcan amplifier modified for 144 MHz.  4x9 (four, nine element antennas) with full azimuth/elevation control.

6 Meter Equipment: 1 kilowatt Larcan solid state amplifier, 7 element M2 antenna, with an ARR LNA.

222 MHz Equipment: Anan 10E, 28/222 DEMI Transverter, K6VHF LNA, 150 watt Mirage amplifier, 5 wavelengths antenna.

70cm Equipment: TS-2000, 150 watt amp, ARR LNA, 28 element M2 antenna.

Radios: Anan 10E SDR (2/222), Icom IC-9100 (6), Icom IC-746 Pro, Icom IC-706MKIIg (HF), Kenwood TS-2000 (222/432).

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